The first step to finding employment:

Discovery: An Employment Personal Profile

Module one: Introduction
Let’s set the groundwork and hit the road running. Gathering general information, gathering past evaluations and reviewing all forms. Things to keep in mind are:

Gathering team members. These are people that will help you with the Discovery: an employment personal profile process.

Forming a circle of support. These are people that will help support your plan. The group should meet four times a year to help supports, implement and give insights.

Start putting together different places the participant can be observed

Start thinking of a potential staff member that would be willing to spend a few hours a week working one-on-one with the participant.


Module two: Getting to Know You
Finding out information regarding the participant from the people that know them best. The questionnaire is sent out to family members, friends and staff members. The questions are then evaluated compiled and reviewed follow-up questions may be necessary.

Module three: Getting to Know You at Home
The second observational questionnaire is handed down to the family members who live with the participant. This questionnaire examines all activities in such as routines, chores, hobbies and tasks. Generally it’s how they spend most of their time. Questionnaires filled out by all family members separately then evaluated compiled and reviewed follow-up questions may be necessary.

Module four: Neighborhood Mapping
This module takes a close look at the participant surroundings. Neighborhood mapping is designed to take a 5 mile radius around the participant residency and examine what’s around. Things to note are such things as transportation, businesses, religious places of worship and neighbors. The information is then compiled, evaluated and reviewed.

Module five: Observing
Observations are critical to understanding what the participant environment works best. Between 4 to 6 different places are chosen. Questionnaires are given out to trusted people who work with the participant. Information gathered includes summary of supports needs, environment/activities to avoid and places/skills/activities that need more exploration. Follow-up questions are usually required in this module information is compiled evaluated and reviewed.

Module six: Vocational Themes
This module starts out with a phone consult with your assigned ETP. The goal is to come up with three vocational themes for further evaluation. A second phone consultation takes place to brainstorm three different places each vocational theme could be observed. (NETWORKING PAGE).

Module seven: Informational Interviews
Arranging informational interviews is key for the success of this program. A phone consultation with your assigned ETP will be set up for a brief explanation of how this process works. Then two places are chosen and contacted. It’s recommended by letter and then drop in. Please refer to handout on proper informational interview procedures.

Module eight: Vocational Profiles
The results of the observations are compiled and discussed with your assigned ETP. A profile is filled out that includes the specifics of your findings such as ideal conditions of employment.

Module nine: 3/20/60
This module is compiled effort from yourself and your assigned ETP. The goal in this module is to brainstorm 20 different places where people of similar interests work for each of the assigned three vocational themes. Total number 60

Module ten: Final Frontier
This module expands on your informational interview experience. A review of basic job skills are evaluated such as resume and interviewing skills as well as the desire to work. It is suggested to avoid narrowing and on specific places of interest to work and stay focused on 64 places at a time.

Follow-up phone supports are always available for a minimal fee

Unlimited e-mail support for easy questions

Recommended workshop to help stay motivated, join a group of people with similar interests and concerns as well as filling in the gaps of finding ideal employment.


no-cost consultation with a certified employment training specialist please call or e-mail for days and times availability

Online Service

  • phone or Skype prep time with your assigned employment training specialist
  • unlimited e-mail or text
  • phone or Skype review session with the same employment training specialist

Families are encouraged to join with other families to help diminish the cost. A $60 additional cost will be given to each additional family for consultation. Four total families are permitted.

Cost per module

  • One family $150
  • Two families $105
  • Three families $90
  • Four families $82.50
  • Four family Maximum under one contract

One On One
Some families may find the work overwhelming. In that case they have the option of hiring their own employment training specialist. All modules vary in length of time. 10 modules generally can be completed between 50 and 80 hours. They’re all done at the pace that the family requests. For instance one module could take up to three months if needed.

$60 an hour

Families may decide to hire their own employment training specialist and use strategic staffing as a consult.

$45 an hour

Employment Boot Camp
This program is designed for families who want to get immediate results.

Program includes:

  • Two hours a day for five days working directly with an employment training specialist. Covers modules one through five. (An additional week is required for modules six through 10)
  • Three nights session that include a crash course in how to become a job developer, job coach and another random employment topic such as how to secure employment early before graduation, or how to best develop a employment team.

The outline of this program is recommended for four families, participation is required by all participants for accuracy and success.


Modules one through five (5 days) $3000
Modules six through ten (5 days) $3000
Expenses (include food lodging and transportation) $1000 to $2000*
Average cost per family (4 families) $2000*

* Estimated Costs based on average totals

Four families or less are suggested for successful program. At least three weeks needs to be put in place between modules five and six


Monthly subscription offer

  • Unlimited e-mail or text
  • 1 phone or Skype review session with the same employment training specialist

$25 a month